Friday, 16 August 2013

Elimination diet - day 2

I ate chicken liver for lunch today.  Fried it up in ghee with some green beans.  Was actually quite nice.  Sort of like steak, but softer and a little more liver tasting (ha!).  And, I didn't even all.  Yay for me!  Previously my only experience with any kind of offal was grating some frozen lambs liver into my soup or hiding it in mince/hamburger meat (not really very nice - stronger tasting than chicken livers, but edible). 

The Digestive Health with REAL Food book recommends eating liver a few times per week, so in the spirit of getting right into it, I did :)  Very proud of myself ;)

Breakfast today was mince leftovers from last night with green beans and cooked carrots, and a cup of bone broth.  Also polished off the carrot treat (pureed carrots with cinnamon and coconut oil) from the fridge (yum!). 

Morning tea was chicken soup with spinach and ghee.

Lunch (as I mentioned above) was chicken livers and green beans fried in ghee.

Afternoon tea: Bone broth with extra gelatine and a tablespoon of ghee.

Dinner will be chicken soup

Today I feel:
Very bloated...I even woke up this way, which isn't normal for doesn't usually start until late afternoon/evening.  Might be the after effects of the peanuts I scoffed before starting day 1, or because I ate way too many carrots yesterday!  Could even be die-off reactions (some-times it gets worse before it gets better!).  My 3 year old kindly informed me that I have a baby in my stomach...hmmm, thanks sweetheart.  Mind fog not so bad today...I think the liver I just ate has given me a nice energy boost!  I'm taking peppermint gels and activated charcoal between meals to help with the bloating...doesn't seem to have helped much, but then again, maybe I'd be a lot more bloated with out them!  

  • 60 minutes moderate/gentle effort on the stationary bike while Facebooking (gotta multi-task right?!)
  • 20 minutes pilates total body and flexibility workout 

Maybe 6-7 hours?  Little miss 3 woke me up at 1.45am and spent the rest of the night draping herself over me...

None so far!

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